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 Is Gum disease causes heart attacks?

Our body gives signals in form of simple infections mentioning big problems our body has to face in the future.  

Its been a shockingly surprising observation for me, in recent years, study after study has shown that, people with poor oral health (like gum disease and teeth loss)  causes high rate of heart attacks or strokes than people with good health. 


How is gum disease connected with heart disease? 


 There are so many studies and theories purposed on that particular topic, 

● In our mouth, there is a bacteria that can infect gums and cause  gingivitis  and  periodontics  can travel to  blood vessels .

elsewhere in the body and where they can be the reason for blood vessel inflammation and damage, stroke, tiny blood clots, and even heart attack may follow. 

● To prove this idea, remnants of oral bacteria have been found in atherosclerotic blood vessels far from the mouth.

● Even antibiotic treatment has not been proven as an effective treatment to mitigate the risk of  cardiovascular risk .

● On the other side rather than the bacteria, it's also about the  immune system . If the immune system is not strong enough to repel the bacteria then it can damage the  brain  and heart as well.

● Gum disease and cardiovascular disease are directly proportional but it only happened to those who are less careful about their health and diet, for instance, there is also a third party or factor such as smoking, lack of diet and especially oral health care can lead to this dead-end of vessel  inflammation  and  heart attack

Healthy teeth

Healthy teeth